The Cypress Engineering and Development Group, LLC

is a full service civil engineering and development consulting firm based out of Lake Charles, Louisiana. We offer a full range of services including land planning and site development, environmental permitting, structural and roadway design, drainage systems, storm water pollution prevention, coastal restoration, water/sewer design engineering, and construction administration services.

We believe in going above what is expected for our clients and providing the highest quality results in a timely manner. By utilizing the latest technologies available, we ensure our project teams provide the most efficient and cost effective design solutions possible.

Our Family

As a husband and wife team, we are first and foremost a family company.  As a family we base our decisions and direction on biblical principles and stewardship.

Our Employees

Our growth hinges on the personal investment of our employees into our values and direction as a company.  We have a financial incentives program that rewards both quality and efficiency in the work environment.  We also encourage our employees to balance their work and family lives.  Employees that have a sense of pride and purpose in their work will increase productivity, profit, and overall success.  This will overflow back to both employees and potential investors. 

Our Clients

By putting our clients first and working with them to establish and achieve their goals, we are building mutual trust relationships that result in returning clients and referrals, which will in turn create a solid reputation for professionalism and initiative and lead to increased success for both parties.

Our Community 

As life-long residents of Southwest Louisiana, we believe that our environmental and development projects should consider more than profitability.  We strive to use our unique position in the community to positively impact the quality of life throughout Southwest Louisiana, from shoreline protection to improving neighborhood communities.